Why Outdoor Haunted Attractions are Different From Other Mass Gatherings

It is important to remember the difference between attractions and other venues for mass gatherings such as sports arenas, movie theaters, and concerts:

  1. Capacity can be reduced/managed with timed ticketing to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  2. Exposure time is limited. Guests generally move throughout their experience. The guests are not sitting in a single location, elbow-to-elbow, for an extended period.
  3. A large percentage of attraction attendance is made up of family members and others who live in the same home (social bubble) and thus do not need to be physically distanced from each other.

This is the way we will operate this fall by using timed ticketing technology and a virtual queue line program to social distance groups safety and efficiently. You can purchase tickets online or onsite. Purchase early as tickets are limited to reduce capacity.

Being an outdoor attraction is on our side as contact tracing has proven that Covid-19 is far less contracted from being outdoors around people than indoors. We will sell tickets based on 1hour time frames with limited capacity. This will be the time we expect you to arrive on property and remain in your vehicle. As you park you will be given instructions to join a virtual queue line by entering your contact information and the number of guests in your car. From this portal you will see the expected wait time. When capacity allows you will be notified via text to exit your vehicle and show the text to staff at the security entrance. As always you can purchase tickets onsite as well. Depending on what ticket type you purchase will determine what your wait time will be. Social distancing will add time to your wait so please be prepared and patient.

The waiting lines are marked to allow for social bubbles (your group) to wait socially distanced from other bubbles. Hand washing stations will be placed at the entrance and throughout the midway and entrances of each themed section of the farm. Banners will be posted to educate the guests how to stay safe while on site. Masks will be required to be worn by staff and guests to enter the park, unless the mandate is lifted by the state.

Our inflatable air bags will be removed as well our hoods for our black out section. We are also selling 3D glasses as we will no longer recycle using them. We will have staff to clean our high volume areas through the night, which will include the ticket booth, bathrooms, concession, and other areas throughout the trail. All front-line staff will be in PPE gear. All shops will be marked with waiting areas. Actors are not sharing makeup kits, all costumes are dedicated to one person. Temperature is tested for all staff daily. Our upper management have all taken the training for You Can Count on Me NC. All of our makeup artists have completed the Barbicide infection control trying as well. We are also requiring all actors to complete those trainings.

We have done our homework to make your traditional visit to the haunted attraction as safe as possible. The first half hour of every night is reserved for high risk guests to attend, health care workers, care givers, first responders or older population that wants to experience the attraction to be the first to be on property to further reduce the risk.

Our staff has been educated to make your Halloween as safe and socially distanced as possible. Thanks for all the support so we all can laugh and scream behind our masks together this season. Let’s all work as a team so we can save Halloween.

See You Soon!

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And while our farm and events tend to be more family-oriented, teens and couples also enjoy being at our farm. It’s fun for ALL ages!

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